Request Tissue

The FTDN was created in 2021 to support FTD research by increasing access to post-mortem tissue for research. The network plans to create a federation of brain banks and a centralized tissue portal to reduce barriers to access. 

The FTDN development plan is currently in Phase 1, which will enhance the operational capacities of the participating brain banks. In Phase 2, we plan to launch a centralized tissue access portal, which will enable researchers to review inventory and request tissue across the resources of the participating banks. Until that time, each brain bank will continue to provide tissues for research following standard procedures. To request tissue, contact the participating sites directly.

Boston University School of Medicine, led by Dr. Ann McKee.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, led by Dr. John Crary.

Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida, led by Dr. Dennis Dickson.

University of California, San Francisco, led by Drs. William Seeley and Lea Grinberg.